Elementari Rising Chosen As Debut of the Month!

Photo: Hey! It's Nancy Hightower getting called debut of the month in Library Journal! That's awesome!I love my Facebook book friends, especially when they let me know news that would otherwise have flown by me. John Klima let me know that Library Journal has chosen Elementari Rising as Debut of the Month for October!

That is the most awesome news, and I can’t tell you how pleased I am. But also, I hope this encourages you to go out and buy the book. Not only buy it but review it on Amazon or on your blog or anywhere a review can be found. 


I was up in Boston to Photo: Here's the fabulous Nancy Hightower, showing my students fairy tale art! They gasped when this one went up . . .guest lecture about Fairy Tales and Art at Boston University. The lovely Theodora Goss had invited me to talk to her classes about the way art can reinvigorate these stories, but also, she reminded me that there is something strangely timeless about these tales that keep drawing authors and artists back to them. My favorite piece to show is a rendition of Little Red Riding Hood (shown in the picture). It never fails to produce a gasp from students both shocked and delighted. I wrote about her work for Weird Fiction Review earlier in the year, and of course it’s always fun to introduce new art to students.

After another full take of talking to Dora’s classes, she and I went to hear Maria Tatar give a talk, “The Big Bad Wold Reconsidered: Predator and Prey in Fairy Tales Today.” It was insightful and touched on so many points that we had touched on earlier in the day. We followed up the lecture with dinner in Harvard Square with fellow writers Max Gladstone (whose new book Two Serpents Rise is coming out) and John Chu. Overall, it was a lovely New England time with good friends before heading back on a train to NYC. On to writing!


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