me may 2018Nancy Hightower has written essays about spirituality, politics, and mental illness for NBC News Think, Sojourners, and The Huffington Post. She reviewed science fiction and fantasy for The Washington Post, Newsday, and NPR; and her creative nonfiction, flash fiction, and poetry  have appeared in journals such as EntropyVol. 1 Brooklyn storySouth, Sundog Lit, and Drunk Monkeysamong othersShe is the author of Elementarí Rising (2013)–which received a starred review in Library Journal and was chosen as Debut of the Month–and a poetry collection, The Acolyte (Port Yonder Press, 2015). From 2018-2020, she was on the board of directors for Epiphany Magazine.

20220131_152920 (1)Nancy’s newest adventure has been photographing New York City through puddlescapes, offering an uncanny, yet wondrous presentation of the city that borders on science fiction and fantasy. Winter trees which look barren and still start dancing when seen through such reflections, a reminder that ecosystems have another life we don’t often consider. Puddles then become magic portals that can transport our frame of reference. Prints of her photographs can be purchased here: https://nancyhigh.picfair.com/20211230_145440 (1)

She received a PhD in English/Creative Writing from the University of Denver and taught the rhetorics of the fantastic, uncanny, and grotesque in art and literature at the University of Colorado and went on to be the art columnist for Jeff and Ann VanderMeer’s Weird Fiction Review. She currently teaches classes on digital storytelling, literary studies, and American Literature at Hunter College in New York City.



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