Elementarí Rising

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Winter moves like a predator, taking villages one at a time, leaving the people either dead or half mad. For thousands of years, the Elementarí — spirits of the elements — have slept peacefully under the watchful eye of the Terakhein, a guardian tribe that protects them. But now that the Elementarí have started to awaken, the Terakhein are nowhere to be found.In Gaelastad, where the trees never die, eighteen-year-old Jonathan is haunted by dreams of a little girl: the last of the Terakhein. Fleeing from enemies across treacherous lands, Jonathan must survive and find the girl. Fortunately, help comes in the form of Bryn, a terrible fire spirit, and Morgan, the most beautiful — and deadly — of water spirits. But are they strong enough to give him the time he needs to find the missing girl and stop the tide of destruction?

“Recommended for fans of Martha Wells, Margaret Weis, and Brandon Sanderson.”   —J. M. McDermott, author of Last Dragon and Never Knew Another

From “A gripping high fantasy, with a complex and convincing mythology that comes alive as the characters work desperately to save their world.”     —Martha Wells, author of The Cloud Roads

“The book is the first in a series, and introduces a small piece of what feels like a vast world replete with its own legends, history, and ancient language. The language in particular is so convincing–again like Tolkien’s work–that reading Elementari Rising, one feels immersed in an alternate world that truly exists, that has only been waiting for readers to discover it, much in the manner of Middle Earth or Ursula LeGuin’s Earthsea. Hightower’s prose, never faltering from its poetic register even in the narrative’s most mundane moments, contributes to this immutable sense of otherworldly reality. Perhaps it is in part because of this that the stakes always feel dizzyingly high: we are aware at every moment that this not a story about the petty squabbles of people, but of something much larger and crueler.”   —Ilana Teitelbaum, Huffington Post

“Interesting characters and an unusual world of deathless trees and common folk who are more than they seem make this a winner for fans of epic fantasy. With elements that should appeal to readers who enjoy Terry Brooks’s “Shannara” series and fans of weird fantasy.” From Library Journal (10/15, Starred Review)

Cover design by Duncan Eagleson; artwork by Siolo Thompson.