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Elementari Rising on the Kindle on Sale!

Getting ready for all that holiday travel? Elementari Rising  would make some great airplane/train reading, and the Kindle version on sale right now for 1.99!  As of Monday night, it was #63 on Amazon’s  Best Sellers in Coming of Age Fantasy eBooks!

I also have some lovely publishing news–my story “Till We have Faces” has been accepted by Gone Lawn and my other short story “Bound” has been accepted by Bourbon Penn (which published my story Merea last year).

Stay tuned–am heading to Chicago on Friday for a reading and the Chicago Book Expo, but more on that later this week!

Elementari Rising Chosen As Debut of the Month!

Photo: Hey! It's Nancy Hightower getting called debut of the month in Library Journal! That's awesome!I love my Facebook book friends, especially when they let me know news that would otherwise have flown by me. John Klima let me know that Library Journal has chosen Elementari Rising as Debut of the Month for October!

That is the most awesome news, and I can’t tell you how pleased I am. But also, I hope this encourages you to go out and buy the book. Not only buy it but review it on Amazon or on your blog or anywhere a review can be found. 


I was up in Boston to Photo: Here's the fabulous Nancy Hightower, showing my students fairy tale art! They gasped when this one went up . . .guest lecture about Fairy Tales and Art at Boston University. The lovely Theodora Goss had invited me to talk to her classes about the way art can reinvigorate these stories, but also, she reminded me that there is something strangely timeless about these tales that keep drawing authors and artists back to them. My favorite piece to show is a rendition of Little Red Riding Hood (shown in the picture). It never fails to produce a gasp from students both shocked and delighted. I wrote about her work for Weird Fiction Review earlier in the year, and of course it’s always fun to introduce new art to students.

After another full take of talking to Dora’s classes, she and I went to hear Maria Tatar give a talk, “The Big Bad Wold Reconsidered: Predator and Prey in Fairy Tales Today.” It was insightful and touched on so many points that we had touched on earlier in the day. We followed up the lecture with dinner in Harvard Square with fellow writers Max Gladstone (whose new book Two Serpents Rise is coming out) and John Chu. Overall, it was a lovely New England time with good friends before heading back on a train to NYC. On to writing!


Elementari Rising Now in Paperback!

Am excited to announce that Elementari Rising is now out in paperback over at Barnes and Noble! And Library Journal gave it a starred review:

Library Journal

★ 10/15/2013
Since ancient times, the Elementarí, elemental spirits, have slept under the care of the guardian tribe of the Terakhein. Now that these caretakers have disappeared, the awakened spirits are bringing destruction as they roam the land. Only a young man named Jonathan, who dreams of a young Terakhein girl, the last of her kind, has the means to find her and, perhaps, save the world. Arrayed against him, however, are forces that wish to see the Terakhein exterminated. Hightower’s debut mixes elements of classic epic fantasy with ecological ideas. Jonathan is haunted by the loss of his brother and faces even greater losses as he struggles to protect the last of a dying race. VERDICT Interesting characters and an unusual world of deathless trees and common folk who are more than they seem make this a winner for fans of epic fantasy. With elements that should appeal to readers who enjoy Terry Brooks’s “Shannara” series and fans of weird fantasy.

And remember that you can also buy it for your Kindle over at Amazon. I’ve posted excerpts with amazing artwork by Hugo winning Galen Dara on this site if you want a sneak peek into some of the action scenes!

Elementari Rising Available on Kindle!

I’m very pleased to announce that Elementari Rising is available on Amazon  for the Kindle. There was a snag at the printers, so the paperback should be available shortly.

Also, my poem “She” is up at Prick of the Spindle. I will put a trigger warning for that one, since it deals with the horrible subject of rape, but it needed to be written, and I believe it needs to be read.

Prick of the Spindle also published my poems, “A Virtuous Woman” along with it.

Also, am happy to announce that Blast Furnace accepted my poem, “Flood,” for publication this month.

It’s been nice to see my work get out there a bit more. Am writing more and applying for teaching jobs amid a bit of ill health, so not blogging as much as I would like, but soon will be posting more about NYC adventures and such.

New Poems and Elementari Rising artwork!

The fire subsided enough for Jonathan to see eight silver legs that bent out five feet in every direction, low blue flame dancing down each limb. Many eyes like melted glass stared at him unwaveringly, a red glow coming from deep within. A spider, monstrous and beautiful in form. ….“What happened in the Fáliquerci?” His mouth was so dry his words felt slurred. “The wind—”

“Wind cannot stop me, whether it comes mocking or wrathful.”

“Then you did not call it?” Jonathan persisted.

“It was the Ophidian who brought the storm into your wood, not I.” Bryn said softly, creeping nearer. “He had been hunting you for a long time. But not nearly so long as I.”


Next week the book will be available for order on Amazon! Am very excited. Also,  three new poems up: “Waiting,”  (Esther’s story reworked through a 21st century viewpoint) and “David and Jonathan,” (that lovely moment when Jonathan first heard David speak).

Also–Aaron.” That poor dude only gets talked about with his staff turning into a snake. His story is so much richer and grief stricken and really needs to be told.


Adamara, by Galen Dara

Elementarí Rising Excerpt

A burst of violet light, and when that purplish haze finally cleared, in place of the serpent a woman stood, dressed in white, hair piled high with golden ringlets around her face. Something was odd about her eyes. Almond shaped, slanting slightly upwards, the green within them was dazzling. The girl turned and ran towards the trees. The woman laughed, dashed after her, catching one little arm before the girl dove into a mess of thickets.

WorldCon Schedule and (more!) Publishing News

I leave Thursday for WorldCon, so please come say hi if you see me! I’ll have some lovely postcards to hand out. And wow, I’m on some great panels that I’m very excited about!


11:00, Author by Day, Poet by Night               102A (Convention Center)

1:00,  Like a Metaphor: Ongoing Relations between Poetry and Science, 102A (Convention Center)


11:00 But is it Science Fiction?             008B (Convention Center)

2:00   Almost Nominated                101A (Convention Center)

Monday 1:00 Reading   (come support me!)

002B (Convention Center), 13:00 – 13


Also I just got three more poems accepted. Two to Prick of the Spindle and one to Crack the Spine. What a whirlwind fall this is turning out to be!


NYC Adventures and Book Release!

Well, the long journey from Colorado to New York City is complete. With it came some back issues and a sprained ankle but I’m working my way around that. I can say that each and every day has been an adventure, from watching a few strangers trying to save a man’s life via CPR on the sidewalk to meeting new friends in subway stops and coffee shops. I love New York in that way, i’s openness to adventure, to magic. For all of its cynicism and money-driven culture, it has to be one of the friendliest, giving places I’ve ever lived.

I came here for the year to write the sequel to Elementarí Rising, see how many books I can get under contract, and go back out on the job market for a teaching position. By selling my house, I essentially bough myself a sabbatical to write more, since it’s so hard to do that with a 4/4 teaching load. I also wanted to live here to find more community with cultural creatives—writers, artists, film makers, scientists, theologians, musicians–and to that end, am going to hold a series of salons where I am residing in the East Village. My hope is to cross pollinate different disciplines outside of the university, while I have the unique opportunity to do so!

[image src=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/postcardfront.jpg” lightbox=”true” autoresize=”false” clickthrough=”true”]  But also, writing news: I’ve recently had five poems accepted for publication in Electric Velocipede, Interfictions, and Subliminal Interiors. My short story, “Unleashed Beauty” will be reprinted in Gargoyle next month, and  Elementarí Rising has a September 17th launch date! I will be attending WorldCon next week in San Antonio (my first Worlcon, with my first solo reading!) so am very excited/slightly terrified about that. I won’t come empty handed—I ordered these beautiful postcards last week and they came in today.

Starting next week, I’ll be posting excerpts from Elementarí Rising with artwork from the amazing artists Galen Dara and I’ll also be posting my WorldCon panel schedule, so you’ll want to check back.