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New Books and Stories Out in the Wild

Very excited to announce that my first collection of poetry, The Acolyte, is now out. If you’re thinking, I don’t do poetry, then think again. These poems are rewritten biblical narratives from a twisty, feminist point of view. Haunting and often uncanny (think Anne Lamott meets Edgar Allen Poe), these persona poems gives so many women of the Old Testament a chance to tell their story–the men too.  The collection is only ten dollars and would make a cool gift come the holiday season.

The second fabulous piece of news is that my short story “Merea” in now in The Lineup: 20 Provocative Women Writers. Best selling novelist Lauren Groff says, “The Lineup is full of ferocious, dark, and brilliant voices. The book as chorus both troubles and dazzles, as all great fiction does.”

The Play’s the Thing

Me and Atlanta artist Nikita Gale, after Kianga Ellis’s Art Under the Influence show.

Ah, me. Am back from NYC and furiously trying to grade. I will be posting a recap of my New York trip in serial format this week, since I failed to do give updates while there. But let’s just say I had the adventure of my life, meeting artists, musicians, playwrights, and poets.

But first, some fun news: just found out my story, “Come to the Table” was accepted in Prime Number Magazine. And my story Merea was recommended by Lois Tilton in Locus. Scroll to the last entry and you can see a snippet of the story.

While in New York, I got the chance to see Cynthia von Buhler’s immersive play Speakeasy Dollhouse. If you are in NYC this summer or fall, you really need to go see it.

Alright. Back to grading–I’m racing against the clock with nothing but coffee, chocolate, and an iron will to finish.

Reviews and News

If you’ve not read a good novel lately that takes you out of this hectic, frenetic,  zombie-induced existence, then it’s time to order Maria Dahvana Headley’s Queen of Kings. Go read my review over at Fantasy Matters to hear more about this glorious story that I greedily gobbled up within a few days. And while you’re over at Amazon, do take a quick a peek at the newest issues of Bourbon Penn and Prick of the Spindle (Kindle version), which contain my stories “Merea” and “Evangelical Wonderland.”

Cover Art, Nervous Breakdown, by Julia Martínez Diana

Next week I’ll have a new article in Weird Fiction Review about the ghoulish and grotesque art work of Mark Hosford, and my short story “The Four Horsemen” will be reprinted in Danse Macabre, so check back. And the semester will finally, finally, be done (congrats to all my seniors who are graduating! You did it, my lovelies). Immediately after my last class I’ll be taking the red eye to NYC for the Frieze Art Fair, which starts May 4th; there will be tweets and pics and follow up posts, I’m sure. But most of all, there will be dancing, my friends.

New Story Up at Bourbon Penn

I’m excited that my story “Merea” is in the latest issue of Bourbon Penn (04). And here is my official post about the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Art–ICFA Might Just Be the Tardis–over at Fantasy Matters. I’m late posting this, it’s true, but April has turned about to be the month of late things (and we’ve just started!).

Lastly, two artists I’ve had the pleasure of writing about, Xi Zhang and Jenny Morgan,  just got lovely reviews in Denver’s Westword for their shows. Am so happy they are getting such recognition for their work. Xi has a show right now, 11 Ceremonies, over at Plus Gallery, so if you are in D-town, go check it out.