Reviews of my work

  • Octavia Cade’s review of The Acolyte in Strange Horizons
  • John H. Steven’s Review of The Acolyte
  • “Stunning imagery in this almost sinister tale, the kind you read then read again,” 101 Word Story‘s Flash Fiction Sunday Edition on “My Daughter’s Eyes”
  • “A surreal journey into the dark heart of memory and self-awareness.” Lois Tilton’s review of “Merea” in Locus. One of her recommended reads for 2012.
  • “Each line of the poem reflects on the loss of a lover; the lines masterfully intersect to create the same chaos with the moment of longing for something you no longer possess.” New Pages review of “The Forgetting”
  • “What the Father Would Have Said” was one of TowerBabel Review‘s online picks for August
  • A mythic world of terror and beauty, conjured in poetic prose.” Huffington Post on Elementari Rising