“Hightower’s collection moves elegantly between the mythic and the personal, plumbing her distinctive taste for the surreal and the feminine. It’s spiritual, questioning and provocative, often roaring with a primal urgency.” –Bryan Thao Worra, author of Demonstra

“Hightower writes with fury and fervor, weaving between a personal, contemporary narrative and ancient voices of the Bible which rise from the page in raw wildness…These poems bring words to the hardest darknesses.”  –Sally Rosen Kindred, author of Book of Asters


Cute and Creepy Exhibition Catalogue

Nancy Hightower’s companion essay “Revelatory Monsters: Deconstructive Hybrids, the Cute and CreepyGrotesque and Pop Surrealism” is an examination of humanity’s obsession with that which terrifies/pleasures “the monster” and that which repels/intrigues “the grotesques” and how this duality is at the very core of humanity. Ms. Hightower’s essay is also a guiding narrative to select exhibition pieces and takes the reader on a tour of the many aspects of pop surrealism and what it has become today. Her lush descriptions and scholarly references bring validity to an art style that in the past been criticized as being kitschy and or lowbrow.” Gabrielle Reed,  Art Libraries Society of North America.


Elementarí Rising

Book Cover“Reading Elementari Rising, one feels immersed in an alternate world that truly exists, that has only been waiting for readers to discover it, much in the manner of Middle Earth or Ursula LeGuin’s Earthsea. Hightower’s prose, never faltering from its poetic register even in the narrative’s most mundane moments, contributes to this immutable sense of otherworldly reality.We are aware at every moment that this not a story about the petty squabbles of people, but of something much larger and crueler.”   Ilana Teitelbaum, Huffington Post

“Hightower’s debut mixes elements of classic epic fantasy with ecological ideas. Interesting characters and an unusual world of deathless trees and common folk who are more than they seem make this a winner for fans of epic fantasy.” Library Journal. Debut of the Month, Starred Review, 10/15/13

Here’s a brief reading from the book, where Jonathan meets Bryn for the first time. Artwork below created by Galen Dara.


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Temple University Press, 2018

Temple University Press, 2018


“Creating Visual Rhetoric and the Monstrous”

“Creating Visual Rhetoric and the Monstrous”