Invisible Selves: The Uncanny Portraits of Jenny Morgan. We Are All Setting Suns.
Of Men and Monsters, and the Wondrous Things In Between
Necessary Violence: The Rectification of Goya by the Chapman Brothers
Carla Gannis: A Carny’s Explosion-in-a-Pixel Factory
Unraveling the Gaze: Beth Cavener Stichter’s ‘Come Undone’ Exhibit
The House of Our Nightmares: Night Hunter by Stacey Steers
Patricia Piccinini’s Mythic Imagination
Tim Noble and Sue Webster Give a Few Extra Turns of the Screw
Flights of Fantasy in Exhale: The Latest Exhibition of Jeremy Geddes
The Uncanny Carnivals of Jonas Burgert  
A Topsy-Turvy Animal Kingdom: The Sculptures of Kate MacDowell
Daphne Arthur’s Landscape of the Fantastic
The Strangest of Neverlands: Caesar’s Luminous, Defiant Lost Girls
Our Goblin Selves: Unmasking the Monstrous in the Works of Laurie Lipton and Francisco Goya
The Beautiful Macabre: The Work of Benedetta Bonichi
Wonders and Blunders: The Transgressive Fantastic in Mark Hosford’s Art
Creeping Beauty: Shane LaVancher’s Evolutionary Creatures
Mechanical Hybrids and Organic Angels: The Art of Richard A. Kirk
The Genteel Monsters of Travis Louie
The Grotesque Menageries of Greg Simkins
Dark Mirrors: Grotesque Satire in the Art of Scott Brooks
Jessica Joslin: A Menagerie of Brass and Bone
Bring Your Sick, Maimed, and Monstrous: The Work of Chris Mars
When the Dead Speak, You Had Better Listen
Monstrous Transformations: Sharon Singer’s Red Riding Hood